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Cocktail Week 2014 Starts Right This Minute

Welcome to Eater's third annual Cocktail Week, starting right now on Eater Boston and throughout the rest of the Eater universe.

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Ladies and gentlemen, pull up a stool and settle in for a week of cocktail obsession. From right this moment until Friday evening, we'll be sharing maps, interviews, and lots more, shining a light on Boston's thriving cocktail scene.

In the next few hours alone, we'll introduce you to some fine restaurants and bars around town that are offering special Cocktail Week drinks and dishes; we'll begin round one of a cocktail-themed poll that will continue through the week; and we'll share a massive compendium of Boston bartenders' tips for novices starting up home bars.

This is our very first theme week on the relaunched website, so we hope you'll take full advantage of the brand new Eater Boston forum to share your own cocktail thoughts throughout the week. Please don't hesitate to let us know about your favorite cocktails that didn't make it onto our maps, bartenders that deserve recognition, etc.

And don't worry — on Friday, we'll have plenty of tips for curing that inevitable hangover.