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Journeyman Will Be First Boston-Area Restaurant to Use Nick Kokonas' Ticketing System

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Nick Kokonas first launched his ticketing system at Next (which he co-owns with Grant Achatz) in Chicago in 2011, then spread it to Alinea and The Aviary before making it commercially available.

Catherine Owens

Journeyman will be the first Boston-area restaurant to switch over to the ticketing system, according to a tweet from the Globe's Devra First and confirmed in a release sent by the restaurant, which states that the ticketing will begin on November 1. While the system doesn't allow cancellations or reschedules, a ticket can be transferred to another person. One benefit diners will see is that prices will be lower at quieter times, so a table at one point of the week may pay $65 per person for a tasting menu while another would pay $95 at a busier time. Wine pairings are additional and can be purchased ahead of time or at the restaurant, where a full list of beverage options is available.

Creator Nick Kokonas previously told Eater that customers would be receptive to buying tickets to a restaurant. "There's the convenience aspect of it," he said. "People under a certain age would rather go online and hit a button and buy the experience."

In addition to allowing the lower price point at some times, the system "will allow [Journeyman] to better plan each night, not worrying about last-minute cancellations and reschedules," according to the restaurant's release. "These are the less glamorous things that the price of a meal has to account for — the cost of no-shows on a Saturday night, the wasted food that results, and the time that goes into managing the endlessly changing reservations."

Last year, around its third birthday, Journeyman did away with its weekly-changing menu in favor of no set menu, perpetually altering the number of courses and other parameters, giving diners a promise that they wouldn't leave hungry.


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