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New Lone Star Taco Bar Will Have a Little Bit of Deep Ellum Too

What happens when two local favorites combine strengths? At the new Lone Star Taco Bar, it means you will be getting up from the bar feeling considerably better than when you sat down.

Lone Star Taco Bar co-owners Aaron Sanders and Max Toste
Lone Star Taco Bar co-owners Aaron Sanders and Max Toste
Rachel Leah Blumenthal

Patrons of Allston siblings Deep Ellum and Lone Star Taco Bar received some good news this week with regards to the latter’s future outpost in East Cambridge (635 Cambridge Street), learning from co-owner and beverage director Max Toste’s interview with Dig that rather than an identical twin the new location will be more like a first cousin to both restaurants. A first cousin who drinks very, very well.

As Toste told the Dig, "Tequila and mezcal will be the focus here, as with the other Lone Star. But there will be more complexity [to the drinks]." Including but not limited to tequila cobblers, homemade tinctures, somewhere between 14-28 draft beers, and a revamped wine program including sherry, on tap. And oh yes, whiskey options.

It will all be tailored to a menu featuring familiar tacos, chili, nachos, and tostatas, as well as new and rotating seasonal items, as previously reported.

While it may be oversimplifying things to say it sounds as if when the new Lone Star Taco Bar opens ("as soon as we can") you will be able to eat as well as you are used to eating at the original Lone Star Taco Bar, and drink as deeply as you are used to drinking at Deep Ellum, the mere notion gives one some idea of how attractive that first cousin may end up being.

Deep Ellum

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Lone Star Taco Bar (Allston)

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