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Bao Bao Bakery's Bubble Tea, Buns, and More Coming Back

Chinatown bakery promises to reopen this fall across from original location.

Original Bao Bao Bakery, closed last June
Original Bao Bao Bakery, closed last June

After closing last June, Chinatown's Bao Bao Bakery looks set to reopen soon at 84 Harrison Street, almost directly across from its original location. Responding to comments/laments on its Facebook page, Bao Bao thanked fans for their support and said they would be reopening in the fall, with some comments pointing to mid-October, to the relief of many posters mourning the loss of their favorite pork buns, bubble tea, cakes, and strawberry milkshakes. Another comment mentioned that in the meantime, Bao Bao is still taking orders by phone.