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North End Residents Support Monica's Expansion but Waver on Extended Sushi Rock Hours

Resident's Association meeting gives green light to expansion to Monica's but holds off on expanding hours for proposed sushi restaurant.

It was good news, bad news for proposed Asian fusion restaurant Sushi Rock, which went before the North End / Waterfront Resident's Association last week. As reported, the planned restaurant (looking to occupy two floors at 78-80 Salem Street) received approval for a license transfer but met with questions and an unfavorable vote when it came to extending its hours to 12:30 a.m., past the neighborhood policy of midnight.

At the same meeting, Monica's Trattoria received approval for its planned extension. Currently at 67 Salem Street, Monica's has leased the adjacent building and will look to add an extra room and basement space, extending its capacity by approximately 50 seats.