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The Under-Construction Ames Street Deli Website Has the Best Filler Drink List Ever

Trouble finding a bar that serves cocktails made with artisan booze, obscure liqueur, homemade bitters, and a bizarre garnish? Ames Street Deli wants you to know: help is on the way.

The current drink list at the upcoming Ames Street Deli.
The current drink list at the upcoming Ames Street Deli.
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There comes a time in every revolution when even the revolutionaries realize the whole thing has gone a bit too far. And for the craft cocktail revolution, that time has clearly come. In a wonderful bit of self-referential humor, the soon to open Ames Street Deli posted this filler cocktail menu on its website. Perhaps you might recognize a few if you've been to a bar in the last couple of years.

The Ames Street Deli is the latest from Journeyman co-owners Diana Kudayarova and Tse Wei Lim. Set to open in the coming weeks, the Ames Street Deli will share a kitchen at 75 Ames Street in Kendall Square with Study, from the same duo. As previously reported, Ames Street will serve "delicious, irreverent sandwiches, filled with things and combinations of things rarely seen between two slices of bread."

It's unclear if the food menus currently posted on the website are final, but they do contain a lot more information than the filler cocktail list. If they can be believed, expect things like a "classic" croque monsieur (with "lots of mustard,") foie gras terrine on warm French toast, and Welsh rarebit ("well made.")

At night, Ames Street Deli will transition into a full cocktail bar, run by Backbar's Sam Treadway and Joe Cammarata, the cocktail revolutionaries who seem to have realized that at a certain point you have to take a step back and remember that drinking, after all, is supposed to be fun.


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