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Union Square Donuts Is Almost Ready to Debut Its New Space

The Somerville donut shop will open in its very own space later this month after operating out of two shared locations in the neighborhood.

The Union Square Donuts team in front of the new shop, pre-renovation.
The Union Square Donuts team in front of the new shop, pre-renovation.

"We have officially begun the move to our new shop!" Union Square Donuts posted on Facebook today. It's just a couple doors down from the current space, which the team has been sharing with Cafe Tango. Union Square Donuts opened in February 2013, originally operating out of Kitchen Inc. on the other side of the neighborhood before moving to Cafe Tango on Bow Street. Later this month, seemingly very soon, it'll open in its very own space at 20 Bow Street, formerly a convenience store.

The new shop will allow for an expanded schedule and product line. Co-owner Josh Danoff previously told Eater:

"We make people very happy when we have donuts, and we make people very disappointed when we don't. I would like to minimize the disappointment level, so we're looking at having a pretty good-sized kitchen over there. It's going to be a lot of production space. We're going to have some equipment upgrades. We're going to be getting a convection oven that we just haven't had space for over here, and so what that will mean is an expanded product line. Besides the yeast donuts, we'll also be able to do more of the savory donuts and the brioche roll, and keep your eye out for some new Union Square Donuts donut-related products."

Stay tuned for an opening date in the very near future, and keep an eye on the shop's Facebook page for other pertinent scheduling updates as they complete the move. (Don't look for them at the Central Square Farmers Market today, for example.)

UPDATE: Union Square Donuts opens on Thursday, October 16, according to Boston Magazine.