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Addis Cafe Opens in Malden

Located in the former Corner Cafe space, the Ethiopian restaurant is not related to Addis Red Sea in Boston.

If you missed the opening of Addis Cafe in Malden, you are not alone. The new restaurant (not to be confused with Addis Red Sea Restaurant in Boston) quietly opened a few weeks ago in the former location of Corner Café. A Chowhound poster shared a positive first look.

"[The owner] said that most of her business is selling injera, and I can see why," writes the Chowhound poster. "It's wonderful stuff, the best I've ever had. A little stretchy-er and chewy-er than most with a nice sour tang to it." The poster also included a photo of the menu, which includes various kitfo and tibs entrees.

Addis Cafe
218 Cross Street, Malden, MA
(781) 324-3042