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Jared Forman OUT at Strip-T's

The Watertown destination restaurant will host a farewell dinner for its departing chef de cuisine later this month. His last night of service was Friday.

Cal Bingham for Eater

Chef de cuisine Jared Forman is moving on from Strip-T's; his final service was on Friday, but there will be a farewell dinner at the neighborhood destination on October 26. The move comes a little over a month after Strip-T's shifted the dinner menu towards a more casual concept, returning to an interesting roster of sandwiches, salads, and a few other items.

As previously reported, a Facebook post by Strip-T's owner Paul Maslow stated, "I want to assure our loyal customers that although we have changed our dinner concept to a more casual all day menu, we are still committed to putting out a fantastic product...We haven't changed any of our recipes. We have made the caesar salad dressing the same for 28 years. We painstakingly prepare all our food products from scratch every day. If it's not fresh and delicious we won't serve it."

Tickets for Forman's farewell dinner, four courses "of flavorful memories and an anthology of dishes taking you back over the years," are $65, not including beverages and gratuity. Seatings are available every half-hour between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Strip-T's Restaurant

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