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Ariel's Ice Cream and Summer Both Closed Indefinitely in Quincy

The ice cream parlor is dealing with "unresolved contract issues."

For anyone still in denial that summer in Boston is really, definitely, we're-not-even-joking completely totally over, there is this: Ariel's Ice Cream & Smoothies in Quincy's Marina Bay, having opened this past April, has now closed indefinitely. After several signs appeared announcing a temporary closure, the ice cream shop, as reported by Boston Restaurant Talk, posted on Facebook: "Due to unfortunate circumstances, Ariel's will be closed until further notice."

A later post hinted at a possible reopening this week, but an update yesterday indicated that the shop "remain[s] closed indefinitely" because of "unresolved contract issues." The six-month-old shop offers ice cream from Boston Ice Cream Factory, which is owned by Steve Cirame, who bought a former J.P Licks in Inman Square in 1984, turned it into Christina's, and sold it in 1993.