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A Look Inside the New Boston Common Coffee Co.

Boston Common Coffee Co., which was founded in 2004, recently opened a new location on Canal Street, near North Station. Take a look inside.

The front of the store is lined with seating options from couches to intimate tables and a bar that runs along the length of the front windows, complete with silver chairs, creating the perfect spot for people watching. The front windows let the light stream in along the entire length of the front of the store. Beige walls frame the space, and large, dramatic black-and-white paintings hang on the walls. Tables with lamps resting on them create an inviting, living room feel.

Moving from the lounge area, a zig-zagged ramp leads patrons up to the coffee bar, which has bright green walls, a stark contrast to the beige up front. Chalkboard menus reveal the day's offerings, everything from sandwiches to a variety of coffees, teass and other beverages. Lining one wall, packaged coffees and teas are available for purchase. A large case of baked goods is illuminated on the counter, with to-go bags standing on top, at the ready. Along the back wall, portable coffee holders are available for purchase.

Boston Common Coffee Co.

89 Canal Street (The Avenir), Boston, MA