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Tony C's Bar & Grill to Open at Assembly Row

The sports bar is another piece of the ever-increasing lineup of dining options in the Somerville space.

A Cronin Group establishment
A Cronin Group establishment
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Because if you open a massive multi-use space in New England and don’t include a sports bar you cannot be said to be seriously trying (and because if you are going open a sports bar in New England you might as well get it over with and name it after a Sox legend), the upcoming multi-use Somerville space Assembly Row will include Tony C’s Bar & Grill, a large-format sports bar with a Burlington location on the way as well.

For those who did not just sigh and possibly blink back tears at the mere mention of Tony C (roughly 100% of every native Bostonian over the age of 60), the restaurant’s Facebook page provides an excellent tribute to its namesake, the talented and ill-fated Revere native whose career was as brilliant as it was tragically short; and in the future will provide updates on the details of its Somerville location.

In the meantime, the fact that Tony C’s at Assembly Row is the latest development from The Cronin Group, whose website uses its very first sentence to boast the fact that they have opened more the 200,000 square feet of restaurant in the Boston area, ought to give you a fairly good idea of what kind of place this is going to be. Which is to say the kind of place with a very long line of taps, where you can watch the Bruins and Celtics and a NESN tribute to Tony C at the same time, and in general a place where you can stop to watch the game if you happen to be walking around Assembly Row with a friend. Or twenty.