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Christina’s Spice & Specialty Foods Is Closed Ahead of Move

The Inman Square shop is expected to reopen a few doors down Cambridge Street.

The former home of Christina’s Spice & Specialty Foods in Inman Square has closed in anticipation of a move to 1297 Cambridge Street, an employee confirms. While the new outpost was previously going to be called Christina's Baking Annex, as reported in spring 2013, it appears that it will actually continue to be called Christina's Spice & Specialty Foods, as noted by a Chowhound user.

No word yet on when the move will take place, or whether or not (as speculated upon on Chowhound) it will quite literally open the adjoining door for an expansion by sister shop and neighbor Christina’s Ice Cream into the former spice shop space. The popular ice cream destination has been open for more than 30 years.