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'Hot Cup Gate' at Dunkies; Trotters & Waffles at Mei Mei

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HUB-WIDE — BostInno investigates "Hot Cup Gate" at various Dunkin' Donuts, discovering that it is up to individual franchisees whether or not to charge 15 cents if customers request a styrofoam cup to keep their delicate hands away from the hot or cold liquid in their plastic cup. [BostInno]

AUDUBON CIRCLE — In the latest installment of Serious Eats' "Hub Grub" column, which profiles dishes around New England, writer Liz Bomze declares Mei Mei's trotters & waffles to be "off on the right foot" (ha). It's "rich in every direction" despite appearing to be a relatively small portion, and the trotters, made into a "silky, incredibly creamy yet delicate-textured shreddy terrine," are breaded and "fried and delicious." [SE]

BACK BAY — The Wine Cellar, a fondue-focused restaurant, is closed, at least temporarily. While its Facebook page lists the closure as permanent, the restaurant's website notes that it is simply closed for renovations, and Yelp says that it will reopen on February 15th, tragically depriving couples of their cheesy Valentine's Day date. [Yelp, FB]
[Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Victorgrigas]

Mei Mei (Boston)

506 Park Dr., Boston, MA 02215 (857) 250-4959 Visit Website