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Liquid Art House Accepting Art; Menton Kitchen Tours

BACK BAY — Liquid Art House, a 10,000-square-foot restaurant-meets-gallery, is now aiming for a spring 2014 opening and accepting artist submissions. Nearly 2,000 of those square feet will be available for art and multimedia installations, while there will be room for 200 diners. Rachel Klein, formerly of the Mandarin Oriental, will be executive chef. [LAH]

FORT POINT — On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays through January 29th, guests can take advantage of a special three-course meal at Menton that comes with a kitchen tour ($75/person). Reservations are recommended but not mandatory. [FB]

ALLSTON — The Allston location of The Joshua Tree "might be (once again) dunzo," writes in a tipster, noting a "hastily written CLOSED sign in the doorway." Boston Restaurant Talk reports the same news and links to an unconfirmed Chowhound rumor that Trader Joe's is taking over the space. In 2011, the bar renamed itself and debuted a classier concept but went back to its old name and self in less than a year. [BRT]
[Photo: Liquid Art House/PitchEngine]

Liquid Art House

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