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What's #OpenInBOS During the Storm?

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Photo: Frost Ice Bar may bear a resemblance to the great outdoors at the moment, but it is closed on Thursday/Chris Coe

With an estimated foot of snow on the way Thursday and Friday — and a few inches already on the ground — restaurants around town have begun announcing openings, closings, and snow-inspired specials. Here's a guide to what's open and what's not and where you can indulge in free hot chocolate and other deals. The list will be continually updated through Friday evening, so keep checking back, and please send additions and corrections to the tipline, or leave a comment below, or use the hashtag #OpenInBOS on Twitter.

As information may change quickly during the storm, please double-check with restaurants directly before heading out. Also note that restaurants marked simply as "open Thursday" are not implied to be closed on Friday; they just haven't posted information about both days yet. Travel safely, and tip well.

· 3 Little Figs — Open Thursday [FB]
· 5 Napkin Burger — Open Thursday [via official source]
· A4 Pizza — Opens at 5:30pm on Thursday; closing time TBD. Serving pizza only (no salads or starters). [FB]
· Abby Lane — Open Thursday and Friday with regular hours [via official source]
· Alibi — Opens at 5pm Thursday [Twitter]
· All Star Pizza Bar — Opens at 11am Friday [Twitter]
· All Star Sandwich Bar — Opens at 11am Friday [Twitter]
· Amsterdam Falafelshop — Closes at 9pm Thursday. Reopens at 11am Friday. [FB]
· Area Four — Cafe opens at 9am Friday and restaurant opens for lunch Friday (closed for dinner on Thursday) [FB]
· Ashmont Grill — Open Thursday and "having a snow party" [Twitter]
· Audubon Circle — Opens at 5pm Friday [Twitter]
· Aura — Open Friday [Twitter]
· Bacco's Wine + Cheese — Open Friday [Twitter]
· Back Bay Harry's — Open Thursday and Friday with regular hours [via official source]
· Bar 10 — Open Thursday and Friday, 11:30am-1am. In honor of the weather, there will be a special martini, the Abominable Snowman: Stoli Vanilla, White Godiva and Peppermint Schnapps. [via official source]
· Battery Park — Open Friday [Twitter]
· Beacon Hill Bistro — Open Thursday and serving some specials between 3:30 and 11pm: Carolina hop n john ($13), biscuits & foie gras ($14), fried chicken & gravy ($6/piece), sweet tea eggs ($1.50/each). [via official source]
· The Beehive — Open Thursday. Live music begins at 6:30pm. [via e-newsletter]
· Bella Luna/The Milky Way — Opens Friday at 5pm (closed Thursday) [FB]
· Belly Wine Bar — Opens Friday at 5pm [Twitter]
· Bin 26 Enoteca — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Bleacher Bar — Open Friday [Twitter]
· Blue Dragon — Open for lunch Thursday and planning to stay open for dinner as well. Closed for lunch Friday; bar opens at 4 and dinner begins at 5. [Twitter, Twitter]
· Blue Inc. — Open Thursday with regular hours. Opens at 4pm on Friday. [via official source]
· Blue Ribbon BBQ — Both locations open Thursday [FB, FB]
· The Blue Room — Closed Thursday. Opens Friday at 5pm. [Twitter]
· Bondir — Open tonight with "free valet ski parking." [FB]
· Bon Me — The brick-and-mortar location is open until 3pm Thursday (trucks are off the road). [FB]
· Boston Chops — Open Thursday and Friday with regular hours and offering $1 oysters at the bar throughout the storm [via official source]
· BOKX 109 — Open Thursday and Friday with regular hours [via official source]
· Boston Sail Loft — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Bread + Butter — Open Friday [Twitter]
· Brew — Open until further notice. [Twitter]
· Brick & Mortar — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Bukowski Tavern — Both locations are open Thursday. Both locations are open Friday 11:30am-2am. [Twitter, Twitter]
· Cafe Bartlett Sq — Open Friday; $2 ice cream special [Twitter]
· Cakeology — Open Thursday (closed Friday) [FB]
· Cambridge Brewing Co. — Open until at least 9pm on Thursday, opens at 4pm on Friday [Twitter, Twitter]
· Canary Square — Open Thursday for snacks starting at 4pm and dinner starting at 5pm. Open at 2pm on Friday. [Twitter, Twitter]
· Casa B — Open 5pm-10pm Thursday [Twitter]
· Catalyst — Open Thursday for lunch and dinner, "working on menu changes and winter dishes!" [FB]
· Central Bottle — Opens at noon Friday. Fondue kits and mini cider kegs. [Twitter]
· Central Kitchen — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Charlie's Kitchen — Open Thursday [FB]
· The Chicken and Rice Guys — Open Thursday, serving lunch by the Boston Public Library and dinner by Northeastern. [FB]
· Church — Open Thursday and Friday, regular hours [via official source]
· Cinquecento — Open Thursday [FB]
· City Bar — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· City Table — Open for dinner Thursday; opens at lunch time Friday [Twitter, Twitter]
· City Feed and Supply — Open Thursday [FB]
· Clio — Open regular hours on Thursday (5:30pm-10pm) [via official source]
· Club Cheevis — Opening early at 2pm on Friday [Twitter]
· Coda Bar and Kitchen — Open Thursday "as long as the Gods allow." Open Friday. [Twitter, Twitter]
· Common Ground — Open Thursday [FB]
· Commonwealth — Opens at 4pm Friday [Twitter]
· Coppa — Open Friday [Twitter]
· The Corner Tavern — Open Thursday until 2am and serving $2 tacos [Twitter]
· Craft Beer Cellar — Open until 10pm in Newton and Belmont on Thursday. Open Friday. [Twitter, Twitter]
· Craigie on Main — Open Thursday and offering a special four-course, $45 snowstorm menu (in addition to the regular prix fixe offerings). Also open on Friday. [via e-newsletter]
· Crush Pizza — Open Thursday [FB]
· Cuppacoffee — Open Thursday [FB]
· Cutty's — Open until 2pm Thursday [FB]
· Daddy Jones — Opens at noon on Friday (closed Thursday) [FB]
· Dave's Fresh Pasta — Open regular hours Thursday (until 7:30pm) [FB]
· Davio's and Davio's Cucina — Open Thursday [via e-newsletter]
· dbar — Open regular hours Friday [via official source]
· Deep Ellum — "Neither SNOW nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night can keep us from bringing you food, drink, and hugs. WE ARE OPEN. ALWAYS." [FB]
· Deuxave — Open Thursday and Friday with regular hours [via official source]
· Ducali — Open Thursday [via official source]
· Durty Nelly's — Open Friday [Twitter]
· East by Northeast — Open Thursday and Friday [Twitter]
· East End Grille — Open for lunch and dinner Thursday; half-priced apps between 4pm and 6pm. [FB]
· Eastern Standard — Open during the storm [Twitter]
· Eat at Jumbo's — Open Thursday and delivering [FB]
· Empire — Open Friday with regular hours [Twitter]
· Estelle's — Open Thursday and Friday 11:30am-2am. Chef Eric Gburski is offering a special dish both days, "guaranteed to warm you up" — The Sloppy Poe Boy: wicked hot sausage in a tomato sauce with cheddar cheese & fried onions, $11.95. [FB, official source]
· Estragon Tapas — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Fairsted Kitchen — Open at 5pm on Thursday [FB]
· Finale — Open Thursday and Friday. On Thursday before 8pm and Friday after 12pm, get a free pastry with purchase of another pastry of equal or greater value, or get a free hot chocolate with a purchase of $20 or more. [via e-newsletter]
· Firebrand Saints — Open Thursday. Opening Friday at 3pm, and "Mexican Street Taco Happy Hour" begins at 4pm with free tacos between 4 and 6pm. [Twitter, Twitter]
· FiRE + iCE — Open for lunch and dinner Thursday and Friday. [Twitter]
· Flatbread Pizza Co. — Open at least for lunch on Thursday; closing time TBA [FB]
· Flat Top Johnny's — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Flour Bakery + Cafe — All locations open Friday [Twitter]
· Franklin Cafe — Both locations open Thursday and serving dinner until 1:30am [Twitter]
· Fritz Bar — Open Thursday [FB]
· Garden at the Cellar — Open Thursday and Friday (lunch begins at 11:30am, dinner at 5pm) [Twitter, Twitter]
· GARI Japanese Bistro — Open Thursday and Friday [Twitter, Twitter]
· Gather — Open for dinner Thursday but will close early, time TBD. Closed for lunch Friday; hoping to open around 4-5pm. [Twitter, Twitter]
· Gem — Open Friday with regular hours [Twitter]
· Grafton Street — Open Thursday with regular hours (until 2AM) [via official source]
· The Grand Canal — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Green Briar — Open Thursday and opening at 4pm on Friday [Twitter]
· Grotto — Open regular hours Thursday and Friday [Twitter]
· The Harp — Open Thursday and opening at 4pm on Friday [Twitter]
· Harvard Gardens — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· The Haven — Open Thursday [FB]
· Heirloom Kitchen — Open Thursday and Friday until 6pm. Mention the word "snowstorm" to get a free appetizer with double entree purchase. [via official source]
· Highball Lounge — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Hit Wicket — Opens at 5pm on Friday [Twitter]
· Hungry Mother — Open through the storm, with a fake fireplace [Twitter]
· Huntington — Open Thursday and Friday, 6:30am-11am. [via official source]
· JJ Foley's Cafe — Open Thursday and opening at noon Friday with a beer & burger special [Twitter, Twitter]
· jm Curley — Open for lunch and through dinner service on Thursday, closing at 11pm. Closed for lunch on Friday but opening for dinner service at 5pm. [Twitter]
· Kika Tapas — Open Friday at 5pm (closed for lunch and dinner Thursday and for lunch Friday) [FB]
· Kinsale Irish Pub — Open Thursday, but no karaoke [Twitter]
· The Kirkland Tap & Trotter — Open Thursday and Friday [Twitter, Twitter]
· Kitchen — Open regular hours Thursday and Friday [Twitter]
· KO Pies at the Shipyard — Open Thursday, with trivia starting at 8:30pm. Open 11am-10pm Friday. [FB, Twitter]
· Lala Rokh — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Lansdowne Pub — Open Thursday; $5 burgers all night. Open at 4pm on Friday. [Twitter, Twitter]
· Legal Sea Foods — All locations are open Thursday and Friday, including Legal Harborside, Legal C Bar, and Legal Test Kitchen. [Twitter, Twitter]
· Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant — Open Thursday at 3pm and Friday at 11am, offering the full menu and some snowstorm specials. [Twitter, Twitter]
· Lizzy's — Open Thursday and Friday. "We WILL BE OPEN for Snowmageddon so dig your way out and come drink whisky with us! Don't drive though..." [FB]
· Life Alive — The Central Square location is open until further notice. [FB]
· Lolita — Open Thursday. Mention the "snow day special" to receive 20% off your food. [Twitter]
· Lone Star Taco Bar — "Nor'easter...? Don't you mean TACO AND MARGARITA PARTY??!!" [FB]
· Lord Hobo — Open Thursday [FB]
· Los Amigos — Open Thursday in Newtonville [FB]
· Lower Depths — Open Friday 11:30am-2am [Twitter]
· Lucky's Lounge — Open Thursday [FB]
· Lumiere — Open at 5:30pm Friday (closed Thursday) [FB]
· The Madrona Tree — Open until 3pm on Thursday [FB]
· Marliave — Open regular hours Thursday and Friday [Twitter]
· Mass Ave Tavern — Open starting at noon Thursday and Friday [Twitter]
· Mei Mei — Open until 8pm Thursday. [FB]
· M.F. Dulock Meats — Opens at 1pm Friday [Twitter]
· Michael's Deli — Open Thursday and Friday [Twitter, Twitter]
· Miel — Open Friday [Twitter]
· Mike & Patty's — Opening around 10am Friday [Twitter]
· Mike's City Diner — Open Thursday and Friday [FB]
· Mistral — Open until 8pm Thursday; no valet parking due to Boston parking ban. [FB]
· M.J. O'Connor's — Park Plaza location is open all day Thursday and will open at 4pm on Friday; Waterfront location is open normal hours Thursday and Friday. [Twitter, FB]
· Momogoose — Howl at the Moon location open Thursday (Milk & Kilby location closed Thursday) [FB]
· Myers + Chang — Opening at lunch time on Friday [Twitter]
· Ned Devine's — Open until 5pm Thursday; opening at 4pm Friday. [Twitter]
· Neighborhoods Cafe — Open Friday [Twitter]
· No. 9 Park — Open for dinner Friday [Twitter]
· Oak Long Bar + Kitchen — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Olde Magoun's Saloon — Open Thursday. "We'll even BBQ like it's July 4th and put on a new cask!" [FB]
· O'Leary's — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Oleana — Open until 9pm on Thursday. [FB]
· Ostra — Open until 8:30pm Thursday; no valet parking due to Boston parking ban. [FB]
· Otto — Coolidge Corner and Harvard Square locations are open Thursday (BU is closed) [Twitter]
· Parish Cafe — Open Thursday and Friday 11:30am-2am [Twitter, Twitter]
· PARK — Open Thursday with regular hours (5PM-2AM) [via official source]
· Pennypacker's — The brick-and-mortar location is open on Thursday [FB]
· Petsi Pies — Open Thursday and Friday [FB]
· The Phoenix Landing — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Poe's Kitchen at the Rattlesnake — Open Thursday and Friday, 11:30am-2am [FB, Twitter]
· Porter's Bar & Grill — Open Friday [Twitter]
· Prezza — Tentatively open Thursday night and offering a special: order a glass of chianti and get a free half portion of gnocchi bolognese. [FB]
· The Publick House — Open Thursday and Friday, regular hours [Twitter, Twitter]
· Puritan & Co. — Open Thursday and Friday with regular hours and serving a snowstorm prix-fixe menu (in addition to the regular menu), four courses for $40. [via official source]
· Red Lantern — Open Friday with regular hours [Twitter]
· The Regal Beagle — Open Thursday and Friday, regular hours [via official source]
· Render Coffee — Open regular hours Friday, 7am-7pm [Twitter]
· Restaurant dante — Open Thursday and kicking off a wine special: a glass of '08 Barolo, 'Serralunga', Fontanafredda, Piemonte, Italy for $10/glass (normally $22) [via official source]
· Ribelle — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Rox Diner — West Roxbury and Newtonville locations open Friday (closed for dinner Thursday) [FB, FB]
· Row 34 — Open for lunch and dinner Friday [Twitter]
· RumBa — Open Friday [Twitter]
· Russell House Tavern — Open Thursday with regular hours (until 2AM) [via official source]
· The Salty Pig — Open Thursday and Friday [Twitter, Twitter]
· Sarma — Open until 9pm on Thursday [FB]
· Saus — Open Thursday [FB]
· Seta's Cafe — Open Thursday. Free cup of hot coffee with purchase. [FB]
· Sherman Cafe — Open Thursday [FB]
· Shake Shack — Both locations open at noon Friday [via official source]
· Shojo — Open on Friday (closed Thursday) [FB]
· Simpli Bar & Bites — Open Thursday [FB]
· Smith & Wollensky — Atlantic Wharf and Back Bay locations are open Thursday. Atlantic is open Friday for lunch, dinner, and bar; Park is open Friday for dinner and bar. [Twitter, Twitter]
· Smoken' Joe's — Open from 5pm to about 8pm on Thursday, but the live music has been canceled. [FB]
· Solas — Open Thursday; opens for lunch Friday [Twitter, Twitter]
· Sonsie — Open Thursday and "sending treats out to our friends" [Twitter]
· Sound Bites — Open Thursday, but trivia is cancelled. Guests are encouraged to bring their own board games, cards, etc. [FB]
· South End Buttery — Open Friday [Twitter]
· South Street Diner — Open Thursday and Friday [FB]
· Sports Grille Boston — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· State Park — Open through the storm [Twitter]
· Stats Bar & Grille — Open at 11am Friday [Twitter]
· Stoddard's — Tentatively planning to open for dinner Friday (closed Thursday and for Friday lunch) [FB]
· Strip-T's — Open Thursday. Opens at 5pm Friday with food beginning at 6pm. [FB, Twitter]
· SushiTeq — Open Friday [Twitter]
· Sweet Cheeks — Open Friday for dinner [Twitter]
· Tamo Bar — Open Thursday and Friday [Twitter, Twitter]
· Tango — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Tasty Burger — Open Thursday. The Southie location is open until 11 and delivering. Fenway is open until 2am with free pool. All locations open Friday. [FB, Twitter]
· Tatte Bakery — All locations open Friday [Twitter]
· Tavern in the Square — Open Thursday [FB]
· Tavern Road — Open Thursday [Twitter]
· Temple Bar — Open Thursday and Friday with regular hours (5PM-1AM) [Twitter]
· The Tip Tap Room — Open Thursday and Friday, 11:30am-2am [FB, Twitter]
· Tossed — Both Tossed locations are open Friday, Post Office Sq. until 3pm and the Pru until 9pm. [Twitter]
· Tres Gatos — Open Thursday night and serving free coffee to those who make it out [Twitter]
· Trillium Brewing — Opens at 4pm on Friday [Twitter]
· Troquet — Open for dinner on Thursday but no valet parking, per instructions from the city. Also planning to open for dinner on Friday. [Twitter, Twitter]
· TR Street Foods — Open Thursday and Friday [Twitter, Twitter]
· T.W. Food — Open Friday (closed Thursday) [FB]
· Uburger — Open Thursday and Friday. Spend $5 on Thursday, save your receipt, and get 50% off at the same location if you return Friday or Saturday. [FB]
· Ula Cafe — Open regular hours (7am-7pm) Thursday and Friday. [FB]
· Uni Sashimi Bar — Open regular hours on Thursday (5:30pm-10pm) [via official source]
· Union Bar and Grille — Open Thursday [FB]
· Union Square Donuts — Open Thursday. "And to celebrate we're launching two new donuts — Chocolate Marble Glaze & an Old Fashioned cake donut." Free small coffee or hot chocolate with purchases of $10 or more; must mention Facebook post. [FB]
· The Vault — Open Friday [Twitter]
· Vee Vee — Open Thursday and Friday [Twitter, Twitter]
· Veggie Galaxy — Open Thursday and Friday [FB, Twitter]
· Veggie Planet — Open for dinner Thursday until about 8pm, with seating available in the main dining room because the evening's show has been canceled. [FB]
· Warehouse Bar & Grille — Open Thursday [FB]
· Ward 8 — Open Thursday [via official source]
· Washington Square Tavern — Opening at 5pm Friday [Twitter]
· W Boston Lounge — Open for food and cocktails by the fireplace [Twitter]
· West Bridge — Open Thursday and serving a New Year's Day "hangover soup" for $8. Open Friday and offering a three-course menu for $32. [Twitter, Twitter]
· West on Centre — Open Thursday [FB]
· Zebra's Bistro and Wine Bar — Open Thursday and Friday with regular hours [via official source]

· Area Four — Closed for dinner on Thursday (cafe reopens at 9am Friday and restaurant reopens for lunch Friday) [FB]
· Bella Luna/The Milky Way — Closed Thursday (reopening Friday at 5pm) [FB]
· Belly Wine Bar — Closed Thursday (opens Friday at 5pm) [via official source]
· Bistro du Midi — Closed until January 7th for renovations [FB]
· The Blue Room — Closed Thursday (open Friday) [via official source]
· Bon Me — Trucks are off the road Thursday (brick-and-mortar location open until 3pm Thursday) [FB]
· Cakeology — Closed Friday (open Thursday) [FB]
· Carlo's Cucina Italiana Closed at least for Thursday and until the parking ban is lifted. [FB]
· Daddy Jones — Closed Thursday (open at noon on Friday) [FB]
· dbar — Closed Thursday (open normal hours Friday) [via official source]
· Empire — Closed Thursday (open Friday) [FB]
· FoMu — Closed Thursday [FB]
· Frost Ice Bar — Closed Thursday [FB]
· Frozen Hoagies — Not serving at Copley Thursday night; off the road again Friday [FB, Twitter]
· Kika Tapas — Closed Thursday and for lunch Friday (open Friday at 5pm) [FB]
· Lumiere — Closed Thursday (open at 5:30pm Friday) [FB]
· Momogoose — Milk & Kilby truck location closed Thursday (Howl at the Moon location open Thursday) [FB]
· Otto — BU location closed Thursday (Harvard Square and Coolidge Corner open) [Twitter]
· Root — Closed Thursday
· Rox Diner — Closed for dinner Thursday (open Friday) [FB]
· Roxy's Grilled Cheese — Off the road until Monday. [Twitter]
· Shojo — Closed Thursday (open Friday) [FB]
· Some 'Ting Nice Caribbean Restaurant — Closed Thursday [FB]
· Stoddard's — Closed Thursday and for lunch on Friday (tentatively planning to open for dinner Friday) [FB]
· The Taco Truck — Off the road on Thursday [FB]
· Teatro — Closed Thursday [FB]
· T.W. Food — Closed Thursday (open Friday) [FB]
· WOW Barbecue — Off the road Thursday [FB]

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