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Just-Shuttered Kaya Restaurant Could Morph into Hotel

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Photo: Rendering of possible Porter Square hotel/MTMA Architects

Kaya, a Korean restaurant in Porter Square, has closed, but a hotel — also possibly named Kaya — is in the works for the same space. A Chowhound user reports that the restaurant is "closed and more," with a hole in the floor and a total mess "like a scene after a zombie uprising or drunken frat party or both."

A July article from Wicked Local Cambridge describes the proposed "Kaya Hotel" as having 50 rooms, while architect Michael McKee's website calls it "Porter Hotel" with 65 rooms. If the plans on the website are still current, the hotel could have five stories, with a roof terrace wrapping around three sides of the top floor. There would also be a restaurant on the ground floor. The Chowhound user mentions that the new restaurant might still be Korean, based on a conversation with someone at Buk Kyung, another Korean restaurant.
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Kaya Restaurant

1924 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA