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Sheherazad: A Falafel-free Middle Eastern Food Truck

Photo: Sheherazad license/Twitter

Steven Leibowitz, operator of the Hub Food Trucks blog, has an interview up with Burke Weston, the co-owner of the upcoming Sheharazad food truck. The truck will be offering "traditional, ancient, and regional Middle Eastern street food," but will be avoiding items like falafel and shawarma. Expect instead slow cooked lamb over spiced rice with fried pistachios and raisins. He hopes to be on the streets by October.

Weston, a recent alum of Hamersley's Bistro, might have a Google problem on his hands, though. The truck is named for the Persian queen and the storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights whose name is usually transliterated as "Scheherazade." The spelling "Sheherazad," on the other hand, is the same as Sheherazad Jaafari — the former media aide to Syrian dictator Bashar Assad — whose planned 2012 matriculation at NYU raised eyebrows and filled pages of Google results.
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