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What Are Your Favorite Apple and Honey Dishes?

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Photo: Bronwyn/Chris Coe

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, begins at sundown tonight, and the celebration brings with it lots of traditional foods, most notably apples dipped in honey — symbolic of the hope for a sweet year. Some years, restaurants around town offer special dishes around Rosh Hashanah, particularly featuring apples and honey. The holiday snuck up rather early this year, though, so not much seems to be going on. But September makes people get excited about apples anyway, so let's talk about apple dishes and drinks (and some honey for good measure).

Leave a comment below, tweet at us, or hit up the tipline with interesting apple and/or honey dishes around town, either Rosh Hashanah specials or otherwise. We've listed a few to kick things off, and we'll update the list throughout the week. L'shanah tovah — have a good year!

· 3 Little Figs: A dairy-free honey cake (mini loaves and slices) will be available "for the next few days" in celebration of the holiday. [via Facebook]
· BOKX 109: Smoke lavender cheesecake with sous vide huckleberry puree and honey powder [via official site]
· Bronwyn: The Union Square hot spot just launched a new apple dish — pierogi with acorn squash, roasted apple, and bitter green aioli. [via Facebook]
· City Feed: Farmer's Lunch sandwich — New England extra sharp cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, sliced granny smith apple, City Feed pickled green tomato, locally-made grain mustard, and red leaf lettuce on an Iggy's baguette [via tipster]
· Clover: Apple apricot muffins are available for breakfast, at least today (9/4). [via Twitter]
· Darwin's Ltd.: Longfellow sandwich — ham, sliced apple, aged cheddar, Dijon mustard, lettuce, and tomato [via tipster]
· East by Northeast: Corn on the cob with honey miso butter, shiitake crumble, and toasted nori [via official site]
· Eastern Standard: Metamorphosis cocktail — Becherovka, fresh lemon juice, and honey syrup [via comment]
· Haru: Ceviche — citrus-marinated tuna, salmon, or whitefish with grape tomatoes, red onion, avocado, and green apples [via official site]
· J.P. Licks: Apple crisp ice cream is available all month, and just for the holidays, there's noodle kugel ice cream and blackberry Manischewitz sorbet. [via Facebook]
· Legal Harborside: Strawberry shrub cocktail — Barenjager honey & bourbon, strawberry shrub, mint, lemon [via official source]
· Legal Sea Foods: Tortilla, apple, and goat cheese salad with avocado, roasted red peppers, and chipotle orange dressing (lunch menu) [via official source]
· Petsi Pies: Apple crumb pie [via official site]
· Poe's Kitchen at The Rattlesnake: Harvest margarita — Cuervo Gold, McGillicuddy apple schnapps, and fresh apple champagne cider mix [via official source]
· Puritan & Co.: Organic griddle cakes with maple, honey butter, and nuts (available at Sunday brunch) [via official site]
· Rosie's Bakery: Rosie's has a whole line of baked goods for Rosh Hashanah, from honeypot tartlettes to fruit tarts. [via official site]
· Rox Cafe: R-rated Mac and Cheese — pinto gris mornay sauce, grilled apple, crispy pancetta, Ritz cracker crust (and optional lobster) [via official site]
· Thelonious Monkfish: William Tell maki — green apple, carrot, and cucumber with eel sauce [via official site]
· Zaftigs: Macintosh apple and Vermont sharp cheddar cheese omelette [via tipster]