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Where Are Boston's Hidden Gems for Cocktails?

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Anyone can stir or shake a few ingredients together and make something that loosely fits the definition of a cocktail, but it takes creativity, talent, and experience to make a truly exceptional one that people seek to drink again and again. The Boston area is seeing a steadily growing handful of popular bartenders (or mixologists, as some say) who are frequently lauded in the press, and many upscale restaurants are now known for their beverage programs as much as their food.

But for today's Open Thread, Eater wants to know where to find the excellent cocktails (and the people behind them) that haven't gotten their due recognition yet. That dive bar on your corner that inexplicably has the most creative cocktail list you've seen in years. That bartender who must be some kind of magician. That hole-in-the-wall restaurant that knows how to get you drunk in the most spectacularly interesting way. Leave a comment below or hit up the tipline to share your favorite under-the-radar cocktail havens.
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