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Yume Wo Katare is (Sort of) Back from Summer Vacation

Photo: Japanese-American in Boston

After a lengthy summer vacation, Yume Wo Katare has finally reopened in Porter Square — and with an adorable new look, complete with little piggy cartoons. The tiny ramen shop was open over Labor Day weekend and will next be open on September 8th and 9th. Then, the chef has to return to Japan for a few days and won't open again until Saturday, September 14th, at which point normal hours will presumably begin (Tuesday through Saturday, 5pm to 11pm).

It seems that the menu will be the same as before: just jiro-style ramen. The only decision you have to make is whether you want two pieces of pork or five (and whether you want extra garlic). If you finish the reportedly huge portion, you get a "good job" cheer from everyone in the restaurant.

UPDATE: According to a photo of the shop window posted to Chowhound, Yume Wo Katare will actually be open every night this week (September 3rd-9th). It will be closed 9/10 through 9/14.
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Yume Wo Katare

1923 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA