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The Davis Square Pinkberry Is Almost Here

Photo: Pinkberry, Hingham/Rachel Leah Blumenthal

Later this week, Somerville's Elm Street's froyo trinity will finally be in place. For those days when Orange Leaf or iYo Cafe just won't do, you'll now be able to go to Pinkberry instead — an arduous journey of 187 feet from the Leaf or 190 (that's almost 200!) from iYo. The newest Pinkberry will be located at 263 Elm St., and this Thursday, September 5th, guests can gorge themselves on free froyo from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.

The company will make a donation to the Somerville Homeless Coalition upon opening and will host more events in support of the organization throughout the year. If you miss out on the opening event, Pinkberry's official opening is 10am this Friday, September 6th.
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263 Elm St., Somerville, MA