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East Somerville Foodie Crawl; Boston's the Drunkest City

EAST SOMERVILLE — The East Somerville Foodie Crawl takes place on September 10th, sending diners to try a variety of dishes at multiple restaurants for $20. Three dessert after-parties have been added to the roster, taking place at Vinny's, Casey's, and the new East End Grille. Tickets are still available online. [E. Somerville Main Streets]

HUB-WIDE — Boston earns the dubious honor of the country's drunkest city in an analysis by The Daily Beast. Apparently one-fifth of the city's population consists of "binge drinkers," and the average Boston adult consumes about 16 drinks a month. [The Daily Beast via WCVB]

DOWNTOWN — If your commute to school or work takes you through the Common this week between 8am and 9am, you can get a $1 breakfast sandwich (normally $4) with purchase of coffee. Dubbed "Back to the Grind," the promotion takes place through Friday. [Beacon Hill Patch]
[Photo: East End Grille/Facebook]

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