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Last Taza Pastry Pop-Up; Whole Animals at Ashmont Grill

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SOMERVILLE — Taza's final pastry pop-up of the season takes place this Saturday, 9/28, between 10:30am and 1pm. Hungry Mother's Rachel Sundet and Eastern Standard's Lauren Kroesser will be offering up Taza-based treats (at Taza), and the Coffee Trike will also be on the scene. [Official Site]

DORCHESTER — Starting today (well, five days from today), anyone can hold a custom roasted whole animal extravaganza at Ashmont Grill for 10-15 people with five days' notice. Be it goat, lamb, pig, or something else, the meal will be prepared in chef/owner Chris Douglass' caja china, a Cuban cooking box, and diners will also get side dishes. [Press Release]

SOMERVILLE — The Good Morning America anchors were very excited about the upcoming Fluff Fest on today's show; too bad they got the date wrong (it's Saturday, not tomorrow) and the city wrong (where's Somerset?) Local bars and restaurants have been dreaming up special drinks and dishes for the festival, so keep an eye out for cocktails like Bronwyn's Ye Olde Flufferhofer and backbar's Archie's Nog. [FB]
[Photo: Chris Coe]

Ashmont Grill

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