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Boston Obviously Needs a Cat Cafe Right Meow

And it could happen, if the "young entrepreneur" and "kitty lover" behind a potential cat cafe dubbed Miaou Boston gets her way,'s Restaurant Hub blog reports. There are obviously some hurdles, particularly with health codes, but she's determined her furry dream a reality. "Animals are technically not allowed in food establishments," a healthy and food safety coordinator explained to her, but "establishments may apply for and be granted a variance from this section from their local board of health." Would any town or city in the area grant a variance for something like this? Eater's bets are on Somerville, if any.

It'd be modeled after Japanese businesses of this type, "where patrons can eat meals and have beverages in the company of felines." They've started to spread to other countries as well. Eater Boston promises never to make a cheesy cat-related pun in the title of future stories if you get some good ones out of your system in the comment section below. More importantly: would you go to a cat cafe?
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