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Here Comes White Truffle Season

Photo: L'Espalier/Cal Bingham

Eater NY announces that truffle season has begun in New York City with Italian white truffles, the most coveted fungal specimen, appearing at a restaurant in the West Village. Has the truffle tide arrived in Boston yet?

In recent years, white truffles have made appearances at local restaurants like L'Espalier, O Ya, and Oishii (not to mention an entire white truffle dinner at Menton). The price for white truffles can be high, to put it mildly, and at least as of 2007, the record was $330,000 for a 3.3-pound truffle. $100,000 per pound. Keep your eyes and noses peeled for this year's crop, save up some spending money, and hit up the tipline with any sightings, which we'll map as the season progresses.
· White truffle season has officially begun in NYC [-ENY-]