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Ogle The Kirkland Tap & Trotter's Innards

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[Photos: Rachel Leah Blumenthal]

Craigie on Main's Tony Maws debuted his new project, The Kirkland Tap & Trotter, last night in the former Kirkland Cafe space next to Dali.

Maws previously told Eater that he wants the space to be "just cool" — simply a comfortable spot rather than a feat of architecture and design. The finished restaurant is on the rustic side, with exposed brick, beams, and an assortment of chairs. To the right of the entrance, there's a dining room with banquettes that Maws described as reminiscent of train station seating. To the left, there's the bar, the open kitchen, and plenty more seating, from a counter along the front window to a 10-top with tall chairs. Take a look inside.

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