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Eat Gator at Warehouse Bar & Grille Tonight

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Photo: Warehouse Bar & Grille/Facebook

If you've ever wanted to eat alligator in a former-office-furniture-store-turned-sports-bar, tonight's your chance. The Financial District's newest addition, Warehouse Bar & Grille, has been quietly open for a few days, but tonight's the real deal, starting at 5pm.

The sheer amount of televisions may suggest that the "Bar" part of the name takes priority over the "Grille," but the comfort food menu holds a few interesting surprises, like the aforementioned gator. Get it in the form of an appetizer (gator bites, Cajun-style, with remoulade) or in a Cajun gumbo with Andouille sausage, okra, and rice. And for the carb and dairy lovers amongst us, there's a grilled mac and cheese sandwich, to which you can add bacon or lobster, plus a side of fries, sweet potato tots, or cole slaw (or salad, but come on). There's toasted cheeseburger ravioli, complete with bacon, spicy ketchup, and fried pickles, and there are crispy hog wings, apparently from the extraordinarily rare species of Sus flyingus.
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Warehouse Bar & Grille

40 Broad Street, Boston, MA