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Churn2 Is Now Peddling Ice Cream at Harvard

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Photo: Joel Edinberg

As previously rumored, Churn2 did in fact open over the weekend at Harvard's Science Center plaza. The "pilot ice cream container project" serves liquid nitrogen-chilled ice cream out of a semi-permanent shipping container, a "micro-dining unit that emphasizes quality without sacrificing mobility" — an attempt at finding the best of both worlds between food trucks and brick and mortar establishments, according to the company's website.

This week, Churn2 is open from 1pm to 7pm daily, but it promises extend hours after September 20th. An early customer reports that flavors like bananas foster and strawberry lime are available, and the company indicates that a non-dairy option may be in the works. And ice cream is apparently just the beginning. "With Churn2 now open, we are already testing new foods and scouting new locations for the next generation of mobile dining," proclaims the company's website.
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