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Zagat's 2014 Boston Restaurants Survey Results Are Out

Photo: L'Espalier/Cal Bingham

Zagat has released the results of their annual Boston restaurants survey, presenting categories like "top decor" and "top service" as well as data on dining trends. A few interesting results:

· There are some expected listings in the service category; Menton is #1, for example, and No. 9 Park and L'Espalier also make the top 10. But it's a Waltham restaurant, Il Capriccio, that grabs the #2 spot.
· Casual vegan/vegetarian restaurant Life Alive, unranked in last year's "Top Food" category, made the list at #6 this year, coming in behind Neptune Oyster (#1), Craigie on Main (#4), and a few others. Life Alive is also the #1 "best buy."
· Abe & Louie's is the "most popular" restaurant, followed by Border Cafe and The Chateau, a local chain. The category says that chains are excluded, but that apparently means national chains.
· On average, Bostonians spend about $44 per person when going out for dinner, while the national average is around $40. And Bostonians tip 19.3%, a tiny bit over the national average of 19.0%.
· 27% of respondents said they'd wait no more than 15 minutes for a table at a restaurant that doesn't take reservations while 6% avoid places that don't take reservations. (Another 6% said it doesn't matter — as long as there's a bar.)

Find more results here.
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