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sf2012-10-10-at-9.49.24-AM.jpgBlogger Pigtrip recently released a list of his favorite barbecued (as in smoked) wings that he's had in the past two years. Locally, that includes Allston's SoulFire, whose "smoked-then-fried" spicy honey wings have a "crispy skin and a perfect coating of tangy accent." Pigtrip also praises SoulFire's ribs ("Boston's best") and fried wings, and gives a nod to Winthrop's Blackstrap BBQ for their "reliably robust" wings that are "heavy on smoke, heavier on rub." [Pigtrip]

Blackstrap BBQ

47A Woodside Ave, Winthrop, MA 02152 (617) 207-1783 Visit Website