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Cape Cod's Best Clam Shacks; Must-Try Ice Cream

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HUB-WIDE — Luke O'Neil, local writer of cocktails, etc., was excited to find brand new iced coffee K-Cups at Dunkies this morning and promptly went home and set about opening up a box of the "coffee that's meant to be brewed as ice coffee," as opposed to the regular coffee K-Cups. Turns out it was just a "bullshit marketing scam" — the box was really full of regular K-Cups, and the iced coffee promotional material peeled right off the box to reveal that even the box was a regular K-Cup box. [PTSOTL]

HUB-WIDE — There can never be too many summer ice cream listicles. Zagat's latest presents eight "must-try ice cream shops" around Boston, with selections like Christina's, Picco, and FoMu. [Zagat]

CAPE COD — Curbed Cape Cod has compiled an ultimate guide to the Cape's best clam shacks. On the list: The Clam Shack of Falmouth, Captain Frosty's (Dennis), Cobie's Clam Shack (Brewster), Mac's on the Pier (Wellfleet), and more. [Curbed Cape Cod]
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