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Shuttered Tonic Could Become an Italian Restaurant

Photo: Facebook/Tonic Boston

One way or another, Coran McCormack intends to turn his former Tonic space by JP's Forest Hills T stop into an Italian restaurant. Universal Hub reports that McCormack went before the licensing board this morning to discuss the defunct Tonic's liquor license; the board will decide later this week whether he can take 90 more days to make use of it. He explained that he was recently approached by a Chicago-based Italian chain with a "promising" proposal but added, "If it doesn't work out, then I'll do it myself."

McCormack blamed the downfall of Tonic on Shattuck Hospital patients loitering by a liquor store down the block and scaring off his customers, but Universal Hub points out that Eugene O'Neill's and The Dogwood Cafe, also on the block, seem to be doing fine — and ostensibly McCormack assumes his new concept would survive as well. Meanwhile, a post on Tonic's Facebook page from August 1st announces an upcoming reopening and requests "any suggestions." Tonic originally opened in April of last year, opening and closing on several occasions before an apparent final closure in February.
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