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Yes, Shanghai Social Club Is Now Open

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Photo: Shanghai Social Club/Facebook

It happened yesterday, according to the restaurant's Facebook page. A preview menu from a June event described Shanghai Social Club as "Allston's version of opium fueled Old Shanghai." And if that menu is still accurate, the cuisine is split between "Shanghai street food" and a "unique take" on "classics." On the street food end, prepare your mouth for a virtual smorgasbord of steamed bun offerings, from crispy chicken skin to lemongrass lobster roll. There are steaming noodle bowls (lion's head meatballs, firecracker short rib) and skewers (teriyaki beef, chicken satay) as well.

The classics are what you'd expect: scallion pancakes, pu pu platters, General Gao's chicken, sesame beef, and the like. Oh, and there are scorpion bowls. Your weekend plans are made.

UPDATE: Owner Doug Bacon shares some extra intel. Shanghai Social Club is open seven days a week from 5pm to 2pm, with food served until 1:30am. Within a few weeks, Bacon expects to add daily lunch as well. Within a months, to-go orders should become available, and delivery might come soon after that. For now, only large parties can make reservations. And here's the latest menu:

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Shanghai Social Club

1277 Comm Ave., Boston, MA 02134

Shanghai Social Club

1277 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, MA 02134