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Former Patriot on MasterChef; Seta Sets Down Roots

SOUTH END — Coda Bar & Kitchen has been recently renovated, inspiring the restaurant to get into a design-oriented spirit and launch a monthly pop-up shop, "Design Nights." The first will take place on August 26th, featuring jewelry by e. scott originals. [Official Source]

BELMONT — You may be familiar with Seta's Mediterranean Foods from farmers' markets around town, but until now, there was no brick-and-mortar location. Later this month, owner Seta Dakessian with open Seta's Cafe, "a Mediterranean eatery," in Belmont. [BRT via CH]

FOOD TV — Former Patriots player Eddie Jackson has more recently been seen exercising his culinary skills on MasterChef, and he was performing pretty well, but he finally met his match. Jackson was eliminated following a sushi challenge. [Barstool Sports]
[Photo: Coda Bar & Kitchen/Facebook]


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