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Two Globe Stars for New Team at Posto

Photo: Cal Bingham

Somerville's Posto, the "not-just-a-pizzeria" from the Alpine Restaurant Group, draws two out of four stars from the Globe's Devra First. The appeal of Posto "lies in its simplicity," which First theorizes attracted new executive chef Wyatt Maguire and new operations director Alec Riveros, both formerly of Menton. The "focus is on taste over appearance," with First enjoying gnocchi with lamb and pork tenderloin dishes despite their "relatively unappealing" appearances. Although "flavors don't always add up" in non-pizza dishes, the pies themselves have "[no] bad combination in the lot." "Pizza just happens to be what [Posto] does best." [BG]

Puerto Rican newcomer Mana Escondido's alcapurria is "what Hot Pockets tearfully dream of becoming" according to MC Slim JB in the Improper. The South End restaurant is for "food nerds" not "foodies." "Your foodie friends can go find themselves another $15 burger somewhere else" while you wait 20 to 30 minutes for mofongo de pernil, a fried plantain shell stuffed with pork shoulder and fried pork rind that looks "smallish, but [is] substantial enough to make a meal." Also recommended: breakfast, "one of the more budget-friendly offerings in the neighborhood." [Improper]

51 Lincoln has a new bartender in Ginny Edwards, and that drew Luke O'Neil out to Newton to check it out for his column in the Metro. Edwards, arriving in Newton Highlands by way of Russell House Tavern and Island Creek Oyster Bar, makes 51 Lincoln "a cocktail destination as much as a dining one." He enjoys her "creative concoctions" such as the Peat Monster's Reveal, a smoked corn and watermelon scotch-based drink that "highlights the interplay between the bar and kitchen here." [Metro]

Posto (Somerville)

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