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Harvesting Honey at the Seaport Hotel

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[Photos: Meg Jones Wall]

The Seaport Hotel holds more than just humans — a whopping million bees take up residence in hives on the roof, producing honey used in recipes at the hotel's restaurant and bar, Aura and TAMO. Chief Beekeeper Edwin Medrano completed an estimated 500-pound harvest yesterday. The process includes calming the bees with smoke, removing the frames from the hives, and spinning the frames in a centrifuge to collect the honey.

The hyperlocal honey appears in a variety of dishes at Aura. There's a scallop and pea dish that includes honey, a honey vinaigrette on both the burrata and a salad, and a roasted chicken with a honey-spiked sauce, to name a few. TAMO uses it in a few cocktails, like the whiskey smash.

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