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'Concept Pop-Up Ice Cream Shop' Coming to Cambridge

A "concept Pop-up ice cream shop," concept undeclared, is apparently opening in "the heart of Harvard Square" in late August, according to a Craigslist posting seeking ice cream scoopers. Harvard Square is home to a few ice cream options already, like Lizzy's and J.P. Licks.

The mysterious employers "can't give out all of the details of what we're unleashing," but they guarantee that the $8/hour (plus tips) position is "more than a basic ice cream scooping job," and it will be a "unique and memorable experience." Back in May, a very similar posting hinted at a summer opening of a pop-up ice cream shop, possibly in the form a food truck, ice cream truck? As expected, commenters on the previous post were quite excited by the idea:

Stay tuned for more info, and please hit up the tipline if you've got any of your own intel.
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[Photo: Lizzy's, Foursquare/Alex T.]