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Grilled Seafood and More at Soon-to-Reopen Yakitori Zai

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Photo: Thrillist

Last week, a Yelper/tipster told Eater Boston that Yakitori Zai will reopen on August 1st; it's been temporarily closed for renovations for several weeks. The reopening will bring with it the debut of an "interesting new Franco-Japonaise menu," said the tipster, who wrote in again today to share a snapshot of said menu hanging in the window. The old menu, still available on the restaurant's website as of this posting, features a $40/person "Zai Kushi Set" tasting menu which can be supplemented with a variety of appetizers, desserts, and rotating sides.

But the new menu, at least according to this photo, seems to have done away with the tasting menu, instead focusing on snacks, grilled entrees, and a few rice and noodle-based dishes. Some potential highlights: fried whole blackback flounder with daikon radish, scallion, and ponzu; striped bass with sea urchin cream and pickled vegetables; Berkshire pork belly with salted rice malt and lemon ginger marmalade; and roasted duck breast and foie gras with sauterne tamarind teriyaki sauce.

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Yakitori Zai

315 Shawmut Ave, Boston, MA