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So That's Why the Next Olives Will Be 'New and Shiny'

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A statement from Todd English's team snuck in almost under the radar at 6pm on Friday, announcing that Olives Charlestown had indeed closed but would "reopen at a new and shiny location" in the "greater Boston area." The statement goes on to promise that "Olives version 3.0" is going to be "a true representation of the evolution of America's hunger for freshness and diversity, but also ... true to Olives Mediterranean roots."

UniversalHub provides a detailed account of why exactly it is that the next location will be so "new and shiny" — apparently a judge granted the landlord the right to seize the Charlestown restaurant and everything in it, including the liquor license, on account of English owing a cool $780,000 or so in back rent and interest. And that's not all — he's also facing similar legal problems regarding the shuttered Kingfish Hall at Faneuil Hall.
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10 City Square, Charlestown, MA