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Bars Across the Country Are Boycotting Russian Vodka

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A number of United States bars are participating in a campaign to boycott Russian vodkas in response to stringent new anti-gay laws in Russia. Eater National reports that the movement is being popularized by "Savage Love" columnist Dan Savage at Seattle's The Stranger, and several gay bars in Chicago were among the first to join the boycott.

At this time, Eater Boston has not learned of any local bars participating in the campaign, which is spreading through Twitter with the hashtags #DumpRussianVodka and #DumpStoli. (Stoli, it should be pointed out, is actually produced in Latvia and owned by a company in Luxembourg, but the US distributor is Russian-owned, and the brand will be back under Russian ownership next year.) This post will be updated as information comes in about participating Boston venues. Hit up the tipline or tweet at @EaterBoston if you have any information.

UPDATE: If you're interested in participating in the boycott and supporting local brands, here are some vodka options based right here in Massachusetts.
· Bully Boy Distillers (Roxbury): wheat-based organic vodka
· GrandTen Distilling (South Boston): Fire Puncher vodka is made with local chipotle peppers
· Ryan & Wood Distilleries (Gloucester): Beauport vodka
· Berkshire Mountain Distillers (Great Barrington): Ice Glen vodka

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[Image: Matt Fikse-Verkerk]