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Clover Is Now Hiring 'WINNERS ONLY'

Photo: Clover HSQ, Wikimedia Commons/Emw

Clover is wasting no time getting back up and running after being shuttered for over a week due to a salmonella outbreak and starting to reopen the restaurants yesterday and today. The trucks remain closed at this time, but the company is already advertising job openings today on Craigslist for "WINNERS ONLY," noting that the company is "growing really really fast."

Is it an appropriate time to be thinking of fast growth when work apparently needs to be done in the extremely important food safety arena? interviewed Roy Costa, a "veteran food safety trainer," for his opinion on Clover's recent issues:

"Costa said Clover is 'unfortunately' an entirely preventable but predictable case because they had likely expanded quickly. He said that oftentimes food companies or restaurants that scale up can be victims of their own success if they don't properly manage their operations and keep food safety front and center."
Costa went on to criticize Clover's previous food safety measures as "really pitiful" after analyzing the restaurants' health inspection report.

But the customer base seems to be forgiving, enthusiastically lining up at the reopened restaurants for free coffee and fries. Clover's founder, Ayr Muir, has been very transparent about the closures — and the new steps being taken to prevent future incidents — on the company blog, earning plenty of social media buzz from customers who will happily return.

The current schedule, accurate as of a post on the Clover blog this morning:
· CloverHUB (East Cambridge) and CloverHSQ (7 Holyoke, Harvard Square) are open regular hours with slightly limited menus for today
· CloverBUR (100 Mall Rd, Burlington) is open from 9am-3pm today; free fries for lunch customers
· CloverBLV (6 Harvard St, Brookline) is open from 11am-9pm today; free fries for lunch customers.

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