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Is Yakitori Zai Rebooting with Franco-Japanese Food?

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Earlier this week, Chowhound users were reporting that Yakitori Zai in the South End is closed for renovations until some point in August. Today, an Eater tipster writes in to say that the reopening will in fact be on August 1st, and the restaurant is "rebooting" with an "interesting new Franco-Japonaise menu." The restaurant could not be reached for comment at this time, and there is no new information posted on its website or Facebook page. Stay tuned for updates, or hit up the tipline with your own intel.

In other Yakitori Zai news, a Chowhound poster shared a nice customer service story last week involving an attempted visit to the restaurant. "We were looking forward to meeting friends for our first visit to this place, but when we arrived they were standing out front with the owner, who explained that they were closed because of a venting issue," writes GaryK. Apparently the restaurant had tried to reach all reservation holders but accidentally missed Gary's party. The owner suggested South End Buttery across the street, brought the group over, got them seated — and ended up paying for their meal.
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Yakitori Zai

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