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Standing O for Mo at Abe & Louie's

Photo: Facebook/Abe & Louie's

In what is likely a first-of-its-kind scenario, New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera received a standing ovation while dining at Abe & Louie's on Saturday evening. As first reported by FOX broadcaster Kenny Albert, who was also dining at Abe & Louie's, the entire restaurant applauded for the soon-to-retire hurler.

Abe & Louie's is a frequent host to local and visiting sports stars, but greetings like this are uncommon. According to the Wall Street Journal, restaurant management only recalls one other -- when Doc Rivers dined in after the Celtics won the NBA title in 2008. "You expect that in the stadium, but not in the restaurant. But it was good. It's humbling," Rivera said, in exactly the kind of way A-Rod never has. He reportedly also went from table to table, graciously taking photographs with patrons who requested them.

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