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Wow Barbecue Brings Lamb and Excitement Downtown

Photo: Wow Barbecue/Facebook

The enthusiastically named Wow Barbecue is the latest food truck to hit the streets of Boston, claiming to serve "the only authentic BBQ lamb" in town. The red truck with a yellow awning ("which symbolizes the Chinese flag") launched yesterday, and the owner tells Eater that the plan is to serve "traditional, authentic" Chinese barbecued lamb skewers. For now, that's the only thing on the menu (and you can get your hands on a skewer for $1.50 each), but more options will be added as time goes on. Future possibilities include grilled tofu, cabbage, eggplant, and potato skewers. As for drinking, the only beverage currently offered is water ($1), because Wow Barbecue is participating in a healthy Boston initiative not to sell soda.

The truck is currently scheduled to serve at 2 Boylston St. in Chinatown seven days a week from 3pm and 9pm, plus Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10am to 3pm; at the BU Bridge on Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am to 3pm; and at Northeastern from 10am to 3pm.
· Wow Barbecue [FB]