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Ex-Vegan Jamie Bissonnette Called Out by Angry Vegans

Photo: Jamie Bissonnette at Stella/Jamie Rogers

It's unclear whether the Vegan Sellout List website is actually backed by militant vegans, or if it's a satirical project aimed at making vegans look crazy, but Boston's own Jamie Bissonnette (Toro, Coppa) is one of a number of chefs called out as someone who has "regressed from moral consistency to moral depravity." The point of the website is apparently to name and shame former vegans who have returned to the dark side of the "haughty, nose-turning carnists."

Bissonnette's description, as submitted by an anonymous user:

"Former straight edge kid and MMA fighter and Krishna. Went to culinary school and developed a 'love affair' with foie gras."
Then, there's a quote from the Phoenix (RIP) on why Bissonnette gave up veganism — working for a chef in a Parisian restaurant at 22, he was told he'd be fired and "would never amount to anything" if he didn't taste everything. Eater National has a round-up of other chefs who made the list.
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