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Globe likes Menotomy; Pigtrip rejects Cask 'n Flagon

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Photo: Facebook/Menotomy Grill & Tavern

Ellen Bhang enjoyed formerly-dry Arlington's new Menotomy Grill & Tavern so much, it prompted her to file a review almost entirely in the royal "we." Writing for the Globe's Cheap Eats column, Bhang "made quick work" of shrimp and poblano fritters that "remind us of savory doughnut holes with just a whiff of crustacean flavor and subtle chili heat." Chipotle citrus wings are "delicious drummies" that are so much better than the fast food versions she is used to that "we have to smile." Pork cutlet, a recipe from chef Mark Thompson's (formerly of Chez Henri) mother, "is the epitome of comfort food." Meanwhile, with "drummies" in this article and "husby" in a recent week's write up of Brick & Mortar, maybe the Globe is telegraphing a rename of the column to Cheapy Eatsies. [BG]

Kenmore's Cask 'N Flagon recently added smoked barbecue items to their menu, drawing blogger Pigtrip out for a visit. Unfortunately, "no evidence" of smoke was found in any of the dishes sampled. Viewed as "pub style babybacks," the ribs are "better than most," but "probably won't get the job done" for barbecue aficionados. Though the menu advertises an "award winning pitmaster" the brisket was an "abomination." "If this is award winning, gimme last place brisket instead." The one redemption was a macaroni and cheese that was "easily the best thing on the table and one of the best ... renditions I've had." [Pigtrip]