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Greasy Spoons Week

rfosullivan.jpg"Greasy spoon, huh... My choice would be O'Sullivans outside Porter Square. Maybe it's not technically a greasy spoon, but its greasy and they got spoons, so that's what I'm going with. Great burgers and onion rings. Friendly staff. Cold Beers. Always a spot at the bar. Game is always on. It's a great space. When I used to work at Casablanca in the late 90s, we used to love to go there late night and play darts and eat burgers. That was many years ago (and many pounds ago), but I still love popping in there and getting a bacon cheeseburger and doing the big smush to fit the burger in your mouth. Good times..." — Steve "Nookie" Postal, former executive chef of Fenway Park and owner of Commonwealth (coming soon)