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Pastry Chef Molly Hanson on Her Favorite Greasy Spoon

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Delicious Greasy Spoons Week thoughts from Molly Hanson, executive pastry chef at Grill 23 & Bar and Post 390: "The greasy spoon that made the biggest impression on me is Betty's Pies in Twin Harbor, MN. I went there when I was 16 on the way to and from a week-long canoe trip in the border lake area of Minnesota. I only remember the pie part of the meal and that there was a million to choose from. My father let my sister and me each eat two-three pieces of pie, and we ate them on picnic tables outside. The pies were amazing. I think about them frequently still. A few years ago I looked them up and found out that there was a cookbook which I immediately bought!

I just looked them up again, and you can order pies online. I think I might have to buy a five-layer chocolate...or the Butterfinger...or the coconut cream...or the toffee cream. Amazing. I went there twice, and it was one of my top eating experiences in the way it still catches my imagination on a frequent basis. Currently, I like the Watertown Diner, where I always order the corned beef hash and the ployes."
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