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Gregg Gale on Boston Super Dog

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Boston Super Dog, forever known as Speed's to some, is arguably one of the pioneers of greasy spoon street food in Boston. This isn't just any hot dog joint; The Wall Street Journal dubbed Speed's as having the best hot dog in America. Having operated out of Newmarket Square for over 30 years, the company has gone through some changes as of late. Former owner Ezra "Speed" Anderson retired in 2008, leaving Gregg Gale to man the grill. Since taking over, Gale has turned the modest hot dog cart into a truck, expanded the menu, and has his sights set on supermarket shelves next.

So why the name change?
It's still Speed Dog; I just expanded the menu. We have char-grilled pastrami on the open flame, marinated steak tips, fresh, and chicken parm.

When did you switch from the cart to the truck?
Last April 31.

What was your biggest obstacle switching over from the cart to the truck?
I was so used to the trailer, but now that I have the truck, it's a lot easier.

Do you still have the same clientele from back in the day or has it shifted?
It's shifted a little bit, but a lot of people still don't know because I moved just around the corner, but they don't know I moved because they don't see the yellow trailer. Until they see me in there — then they stop.

How long have the longest regulars been coming by?
Since 1975. Oh yeah, I still have some of the originals.

What do you think the typical favorite order is?
Fully loaded. Absolutely.

What did the regulars think about the menu expansion?
A lot of them just come for the hot dog. They were happy I put the pastrami on, plus the steak. People love the steak.

What's your favorite menu item?
I gotta go with the hot dog, but I also love the pastrami.

Any chance you'd share what hot dogs you're using these days?
The hotdog is all beef, specially made for me by a company in Connecticut. Hopefully by December they'll be on supermarket shelves in five packs. I'm hoping. I make all my own sauces, I bottle them now. I'm looking for a bottling company for those.

— Story and photo by Jacqueline Dole

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